Spagyric Chemistry 102

Laboratory Extraction Techniques

Soxhlet Extraction, Mineral Extraction & Recombination of Spagyric Extracts


$20 / Person. Please RSVP by paying online, only 25 spots available. 

This will be a class focusing on the processes of soxhlet extraction, mineral extraction and mineral recrystallization.


Since there are many paths in spagyric preparation, we will go through the different methods found among alchemical extraction and purification of the three philosophical principals.

Soxhlet Extraction:

Basic concepts of soxhlet extraction systems and their use in advanced alcohol extraction. This yields the medicinal compounds found in plants also known as the 'sulphur' or 'soul' of the plant.

Mineral Extraction and Purification:

Basic concepts of burning and calcination for use in extracting the 'salt of salts' and 'salt of sulphur' from the extracted plant material. We will analyze the differences in techniques for these two different salt extractions. 

Please bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes.