Spagyric Chemistry 101

The Chemistry of Herbal Extraction & Spagyric Preparation

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, April 27th @ 6:00pm

Derailed Designs
325 E 12th St
Tuscan, AZ 85701

Sunday, May 14th @ 1:45pm
Boulder Creek Room
Boulder Public Library - Main Library
1001 Arapahoe Ave,
Boulder, CO 80302

Advanced Spagyric Preparation
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$15 / Person. Please RSVP by buying your ticket online. Meeting will be held at Derailed Designs. This is a residential setting.

This class will be a prerequisite for a lab/hands on class where we will go through the different extraction methods present in spagyrics.

This information is necessary for understanding the lab portion and can be good information for people who are already making herbal extracts.


This will be a laboratory intensive class going over a more chemical approach to understanding herbs, their medicinal components and how to extract and purify them.

Firstly, we will go over the esoteric side of spagyrics. We will cover the history of alchemy and its origins, the planetary hours, their coincidence with the days of the week and the breakdown of the prima materia into the three philosophical principals that permeate all things living. 

We will then switch gears and go over the extraction of common medicinal chemicals (alkaloids, carboxylic acids, polysaccharides, and essential oils) while going over their various medicinal values. This will be applicable to the extraction of a wide variety of medicinal herbs.

Secondly, we will go over the extraction and purification of the minerals of the plant. This involves a burn and calcination of the leftover extracted herb. We will cover basic crystallization techniques to get the minerals of the plant in their purest form.

Lastly, we will go over the reactions present in spagyric preparation. This involves adding the purified minerals back to an alcohol extract.


This class offers a practical approach to understanding herbs through chemistry while guided by alchemical/spiritual philosophy. This information will help you adapt different extraction techniques based on what types of medicinal chemicals are present in the plant of interest.

Some extraction techniques work well for some plants, and don't work well with others. This is meant to make herbalists, practitioners or other people who make tinctures, salves and other herbal products more confident in their techniques and processes.

The extraction, purification and recombination of the medicinal compounds and minerals of the plant is known as spagyric preparation.

This ancient method of plant extraction is based on everything having a soul, spirit and body. The soul was known as the oils or medicinal compounds of the plant. The spirit is known as alcohol (why we still call alcohol 'spirits' today) and the body of the plant is known as the purified minerals. The chemical reactions present in spagyrics simultaneously symbolize their philosophical/metaphorical aspects.

Please bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes.