Stainless Steel Soxhlet Extractors

Stainless Steel Soxhlet Extractors

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These extractors come complete with a vacuum apparatus and 1/4" hose outlets to hook up to a cold water source. The units come with a solid or jacketed base for your choice in heating apparatus. 

You will need: 

Cold Water Source
Hot Water Source or Heating Element for Base

These units are built to do soxhlet extraction under vacuum, and can also be used to recover the alcohol out of the extract. 

We now offer custom built ice machines for use as water coolers.

Low tech methods can be used to run the condenser such as an ice water bath or simply hooking it up to facet/sink. However, keep in mind the colder the condenser the better.

A step by step instructional manual is included with limited consultation on running the system. 

Please Note: This is not an automated unit. An introductory distillation course is necessary if you have never used a soxhlet system before. 

Lead time is 1-2 weeks depending on stock.

Soxhlet Extractor Specifications:
Run Time - Run times are between 3-12 hours. 
Condensor Size - 4 inches diameter
Capacity - 1lb, 2.5lb & 5lb systems available. Larger units are available upon request and can be built to custom specifications. 
Recommended Vacuum: 9-16 kPa
Solvent - Ethanol Only (this will not work with butane, propane or CO2)
Solvent Capacity - 2.5 Gallons
Requires Water Cooling System

*This system requires a cold water source.

Contact for shipping estimates for your location.

Buyer assumes all responsibility of using the extractor. Limited consulting on the system is available. There are no returns on extractors. 

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