Short Path Distillation Kit

Short Path Distillation is used to separate different constituents based on their boiling point. This can be used in conjunction with our extraction systems to create vaporizable products from full spectrum alcohol extracts. 

Short Path Distillation Kit
from 2,260.00

A cold water circulation system is required for use with this kit.

This Kit Includes:
4 CFM 2 Stage CPS Vacuum Pump
2 Neck Round Bottom Flask - 24/40 Joints
Short Path Head - 24/40 Joints
Cow Receiving Flask -24/40  Joints
120mm Glass Funnel (Not Pictured)
3x 250ml Round Bottom Flask - 24/40 Joints
2x Thermometer Adapters - 14/20 and 24/40 Joints
2x Hollow Stoppers - 14/20 and 24/40 Joints (Not Pictured)
2x Metal Keck Clips
3x Plastic Keck Clips
Dow Corning High Vacuum Silicone Grease
Lab Stand
Heating Mantle
3 Finger Clamp
Boss Head
Laboratory Scissor Jack
Cork Stand
Tubing For Vacuum/Circulation (Not Pictured)
Digital Thermometer for Head (Not Pictured)
Tubing Clamps (Not Pictured)
Cold Trap (Not Pictured)

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