Spagyric Essences


Spagyric Essences


Spagyric Essences are much different than your typical flower essence. Typically flower essences are water infusions that last 20 minutes. The water is then preserved with alcohol.

Spagyric Essences start out by tincturing the plant. The herb is extracted to its fullest extent in 95% organic alcohol. The leftover material is then burned and calcined. The minerals are extracted from the plant and added to the tincture. (This completes a spagyric tincture). 

Once the tincture is completed, it is carefully distilled under vacuum. The leftover constituents that did not come over in the distillation are burned and calcined once again. This process uplifts the spirit and soul of the plant, becoming more and more ethereal. A spagyric essence is a more energetic clean/pure expression of the plant. 

Available in 1 oz Bottles Only

White Sage - Made Under Jupiter

Eucalyptus - Made Under Moon

Schizandra - Made under Venus

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