Our Team

Warren Kistenbroker
Plant Extraction, Custom Extraction System
& Product Formulation Specialist

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Warren Kistenbroker is the Founder and CEO of Evolved Alchemy. With a research background in organic chemistry and extensive work with plant extraction, his knowledge is a valuable resource in the
development of your customized product.

Product Formulation & Potency Testing
Extensive Knowledge in Extraction of Plant Constituents
Spagyric Extraction

Consultations at an hourly rate are always available.
Contact info@evolvedalchemy.com to set up an appointment.

Ally McNulty
Administrative Manager
& Client Support

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Ally McNulty joined the Evolved Alchemy team in early 2019 as a vital support pillar for both daily and general business operations. With over 10 years experience in hospitality,
event management, and customer relations,
Ally brings a unique skill set to the team,
connecting the front-end of business
to our lab production.

She is well-versed in herbal
formulations, product development,
alcohol extraction / Spagyrics, and the cannabis / hemp industry.
As Evolved Alchemy’s main point of contact,
Ally ensures that all orders and custom
productions are completed to the highest degree of
detail, quality, and professionalism.

Reach out to Ally directly with any questions or inquiries.

Ty Mittelsteadt
Independent Design
Specialist & Consultant


Ty Mittelsteadt is an Independent Graphic Designer and Brand Consulting Specialist. He has over 10 years of design experience and provides branding and marketing consulting for publicly traded companies within the American and Canadian Markets.

His background in marketing, branding and media management makes him Evolved Alchemy’s recommended consult for your design, branding and marketing needs.

Consultations at an hourly rate are available.
Contact info@evolvedalchemy.com to inquire about Ty’s services.


Courtney Cosgriff
Independent Certified Clinical
Herbalist & Certified Nutritionist


Courtney Cosgriff is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist trained in the Vitalist Tradition. She holds over 1,900 hours of education and clinical training as an Herbalist and Nutritionist. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Healthcare from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a WFR certification from Herbal Medics University where she learned how to clinically apply herbs in emergency
scenarios such as in the wilderness or post-disaster areas.

In her business Honeybee Herbals, Courtney combines her role as a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist with her role as a Gardener and Beekeeper to provide Earth Centered Healing and Education to communities around Colorado.

Product Formulation
Extensive Knowledge of Herbs and Nutrition
Salve & Tincture Product Consultation

Courtney Cosgriff is Evolved Alchemy’s Recommended Herbalist for your product development needs.

Website: https://www.honeybeeherbals.co/

Consultation at an hourly rate is available & recommended for new product development.

Contact info@evolvedalchemy.com for more information.