Securing our own High-CBD Hemp...

From Seed to Spagyrics

 In efforts to keep low prices on our high-CBD hemp extracts, we've decided to start growing our own strains of hemp.

We will be growing two different strains called Otto II and BaOx from Centennial Seeds based in Lafayette, CO. These two strains are proven to be high in CBD and have good growth and production.

The plants are all on a timed top-feed drip system. The plants seem to be responding very well to the watering system and have been taking off in growth!

Above is a strain called BaOx from Centennial Seeds. Proven to be high in CBD, grows closer to the ground and doesnt grow as tall as Otto II.

Otto II from Centennial Seeds. Another proven high-CBD strain with good growth and production. This is by far the fastest and tallest growing strain.