Hemp Only Products

Hemp Only Products

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Our Hemp Extract is Pure

Beyond Full Spectrum
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Featuring Two Organic & Regeneratively Driven Hemp Farms

We only work with the best.
Check out their websites below to learn more about these amazing pioneers of hemp farming!

Botana - Paonia, CO - https://www.botana.org/
Cultivars Available: Lifter

Om Shanti Farm - Siskiyou Mountain Range, OR - https://www.omshantifarms.com/
Cultivars Available: Elektra
Coming Soon: Lifter, Hawaiian Haze & Suver Haze

The hemp flower is extracted with organic alcohol and the leftover plant material is burned to an ash. The minerals of the plant are extracted from the ash and added back into the alcohol extract. This process creates new compounds specific to the chemistry of the plant. Where and how it was grown plays a role in the end product.

Infused Oil: The raw extract is purged of any alcohol and diluted into organic fractionated coconut oil from Nutiva to create an alcohol free version with all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Enteric Capsules: The organically infused oil is encapsulated into enteric (acid resistant) capsules to deliver the cannabinoids and terpenes directly into the digestive system, bypassing the stomach. This method increases absorption and delivery into the body.

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