Herbal Extraction Services

Unique extraction methods (organic alcohol & mineral extraction)
Organically grown plant or fungi material only
5lb minimum up to 30lb-100lb batches

Evolved Alchemy specializes in the extraction, purification and recombination of the oils and minerals found in plants.
We combine two different types of extraction to harmonize and cultivate the true healing powers of the plant. 

Soxhlet Extraction using organic cane alcohol
Using our unique extraction methods, we obtains the vitamins, terpenes, carbohydrates, flavonoids, alkaloids & polyphenols present in the original material.

Mineral extraction of calcined plant material with distilled water
This process purifies the potassium mineral salts & other trace minerals from the original plant’s ash.

After completing these two extractions, we then create a
more evolved extract. Our herbal synthesis procedure is
based on the alchemical art of Spagyrics. By reacting the purified minerals with the alcohol extract, the constituents become more bio-available and effective. This reaction is formed by using
only organic chemicals found in the plant.

Why our process?

Our process does not introduce any hazardous chemicals, using only organic cane alcohol and distilled water. Our technique also encompasses the whole plant increasing overall synergy, entourage effect, and effectiveness.

Reach out to us to find out more about your custom extraction!