State of the Art - Herbal Extraction Equipment

We design and build state of the art herbal extractors for use with all kinds of herbs, spices and fruits. These systems are designed with efficiency, cost and innovation in mind.


Soxhlet Extractors

Soxhlet Extraction is a quantitative approach to plant extraction. It endures longer run times (6-8 hrs) but ensures the highest yield, highest potency and least amount of solvent.

from $4,499.00


Large Scale Extraction Systems

These are state of the art - thin layer evaporation distillation systems that can recover large amounts of solvent quickly and continuously. These are expandable and can extract up to +1000lbs of material.

from $32,400.00


Short Path Distillation

These go great with our Soxhlet Extraction and ERS Extraction Systems to further distill and separate different terpenes and oils from each other. Combined with our alcohol extractors, you can produce distillate with 100% organic methods and increase yields compared to CO2, Butane or Propane. 

from 2,260.00