Large Scale Extraction Systems

  • Large Scale - Continuous Operation

  • Closed Loop Alcohol Extraction and Recovery

  • High Efficiency (Minimal Alcohol Usage)

  • Thin Layer Evaporation

  • Vacuum Operation

Large Scale Extraction Vessels Custom Built by Hellgate Coffee Tanks

-304 stainless steel insulated extraction tank with rake and motor
-Isolated vfd pump with pipes and fittings
-Control Box. 3 phase VFD
- Vessel light
- Integrated 2 stage filtration
- Integrated CIP system
- Rake/Rake Motor 
- Nitro/CO2 gas stone in-line
-All fittings included.

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Prices and Sizes:

40 Gallon Distillation System (Extraction Vessel Not Pictured)

40 Gallon Distillation System (Extraction Vessel Not Pictured)

40lb Extraction Vessel with 40 Gallon Distillation System:
Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

Pictured: 217lb Extraction Vessel

Pictured: 217lb Extraction Vessel

Large Scale Extraction Vessel with 80 Gallon Distillation System:
$55,000-$75,000 - Call For Exact Pricing (720.476.9282)
155lb, 217lb and 620lb Extraction Vessels Available
Lead Time: 3 Months
* Fully Automated Extraction Vessel (Vessel Automatically Loads and Unloads Plant Material - Requires 3 Phase Power)



The extraction vessels are packed and extracted via an alcohol flushing system driven by vacuum. Alcohol is pulled from the alcohol reservoir and flushed through the herb. The herb can be soaked for hours or rinsed for 10-15 minutes. Once the flush/soak is complete, the alcohol extraction is now ready for distillation/recovery.


With the turn of a few valves, the tincture is injected and sprayed inside a heated column. The alcohol forms a thin layer under vacuum where evaporation occurs instantly. The evaporated alcohol is simultaneously re-condensed into the recovery vessel. The speed of recovery is directly dependent on power input.

Once enough alcohol has been recovered, the system can then be switched over to Extraction Mode to extract the next batch. The system is switched between these two modes to extract 2-3 runs a day.

Things to think about:

Approx. 0.5-1 gallon is lost per 7-10lbs of flower/leaf material.

The larger the heating and cooling systems are, the faster the unit can recover alcohol. Below are approximate recovery times based on power input. Power should be split 50/50 between heating and cooling systems.

Power Input (kW) Vs Recovery Time (Gallons%2FHour).png



Alcohol Reservoir - 40 Gallons

Extract Reservoir - 40 Gallons (can hold 40 gallons of crude/purged extract)

Extraction Vessel - 40 lb, 155lb, 310lb, 465lb, 620lb, 775lb and 930lb options available.

Requires Water Cooling System and Water Heating System - Call for power recommendations based on desired rate of extraction.

Estimated $7,000-$30,000 for Cooling and Heating Systems

Large Scale Extraction Vessels made by Hellgate Coffee Tanks