Large Scale Extraction Systems
Herbal - Hemp - Cannabis

Our distillers are made for large scale, continuous operation. They use a closed loop alcohol recovery system that can be custom designed based on your clearance and power available. Our systems are based on thin layer evaporation methods operated under vacuum.

We can build a variety of different sized systems to meet your extraction needs. Keep in mind, the speed at which these systems work is limited by the amount of power put into the system.

Power systems are not included but can be recommended by scheduling a consultation.

Please fill out the application at the bottom of this page to schedule a consultation with our lead extraction engineer.

Large Scale Extraction Vessels Available (Lead Time)
40 Gallon/150 Liter (3-4 Weeks)
80 Gallon/300 Liters (3-4 Weeks)
155 Gallon (3 Months)*
217 Gallon (3 Months)*
620 Gallon(3 Months)

* Fully Automated Extraction Vessel (Vessel Automatically Loads and Unloads Plant Material - Requires 3 Phase Power)



The extraction vessels are filled with herb and alcohol to extract the medicinal constituents of the plant. Alcohol is pumped from an alcohol reservoir into the vessels to soak the herb. The herb can be soaked for minutes or hours and then it is drained and pumped into a reservoir. Once the extraction vessels have been drained, the ethanol can now be distilled and separated from the plant oils.


Our systems use thin layer evaporation under vacuum to achieve high efficiency in both power and throughput. The alcohol forms a thin layer under vacuum where evaporation occurs almost instantly. The evaporated alcohol is at the same time condensed into an alcohol recovery vessel.

With adequate reservoirs installed, the extraction and recovery systems can operate independent of each other, decreasing down times and increasing efficiency.

Things to think about:

Approx. 0.5-1 gallon is lost per 7-10lbs of flower/leaf material.

The larger the heating and cooling systems are, the faster the unit can recover alcohol. Below are approximate recovery times based on power input. Power should be split 50/50 between heating and cooling systems.

Power Input (kW) Vs Recovery Time (Gallons%2FHour).png

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