Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus

Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus (Terpene Extraction)
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These Essential Oil Distillers are built to operate under vacuum. It is said in alchemy that an essential oil extracted at lower temperature maintains more of its life force. These extractors make it easy and safe to do at home. 

These extractors are built to gently steam the herb yielding the highest quality essential oils. The oils can be seen in the sight glass for easy identification and measurement. The oils can be dispensed from the bottom of the sight glass directly into a storage bottle or separation flask for further purification.

The system can also be used to separate only hydrosol, while maintaining the essential oil distillation. 

Free consultation is included with each system to help enable others to make their own hydrosols and essential oils. 

*This system requires a water cooling system.

Cold Water Circulator & Heating Element:
Enlarged Sight Glass (Comes with 5lb Units):
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