Classes on Spagyric Preparation

Spagyric Preparation involves a lot of study and a lot of time practicing in the lab. These classes are meant to prepare people at different stages of their practice in the spagyric preparation of herbs. 

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Advanced Spagyric Preparation
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The Chemistry of Herbal Extraction & Spagyric Preparation

$20 / Person. Please RSVP by buying your ticket online. Meeting will be held at the newly opened Alpine Botanicals Apothecary in Nederland, CO.

Alpine Botanicals
92 E 1st St
Nederland, Colorado 80466

This class will be an initiation into the alchemical preparation of plants/spagyrics. This class gives you all the information necessary to start making spagyrics on your own.

This will lead up to a class called the 'Evolved Alchemy Challenge' where you have to make a spagyric to attend. We will go through trouble shooting, share experiences and share our tinctures.

This information is necessary for understanding the lab portion and can be good information for people who are already making herbal extracts.


This will be an intensive class going over a more chemical approach to understanding herbs, their medicinal components and how to extract and purify them while maintaining a full spectrum of constituents.

Firstly, we will go over the esoteric side of spagyrics. We will cover the history of alchemy, its origins, the planetary hours, their coincidence with the days of the week and the breakdown of the prima materia into the three philosophical principals that permeate all living things.

We will then switch gears and go over the extraction of common medicinal chemicals while going over their various medicinal values. This will be applicable to the extraction of a wide variety of medicinal herbs.

Secondly, we will go over the extraction and purification of the minerals of the plant. This involves a burn and calcination of the leftover extracted herb. We will cover basic crystallization techniques to get the minerals of the plant into their purest form.

Lastly, we will go over the reactions present in spagyric preparation. This involves adding the purified minerals back to an alcohol extract.


This class offers a practical approach to understanding herbs through chemistry while guided by alchemical/spiritual philosophy. This information will help you adapt different extraction techniques based on what types of medicinal chemicals are present in the plant of interest.

Some extraction techniques work well for some plants, and don't work well with others. This is meant to make herbalists, practitioners or other people who make tinctures, salves and other herbal products more confident in their techniques and processes.

The extraction, purification and recombination of the medicinal compounds and minerals of the plant is known as spagyric preparation.

This ancient method of plant extraction is based on everything having a soul, spirit and body. The soul was known as the oils or medicinal compounds of the plant. The spirit is known as alcohol (why we still call alcohol 'spirits' today) and the body of the plant is known as the purified minerals. The chemical reactions present in spagyrics simultaneously symbolize their philosophical/metaphorical aspects.

Please bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes.

The Evolved Alchemy 'Challenge'

This class will be more of a community based support system and inspirational structure for those hesitant to make a spagyric. We are challenging you to make your own spagyric and share it with other fellow budding alchemists! 

We will go over how we made our spagyric preparation, troubleshooting problems we encountered and incorporate different methods to improve the end result. Once you have your spagyric, it is time to evoke its evolution. Making a spagyric is the hardest part. Understanding the concepts that drive it's evolution is where things get more esoteric and your understanding of these concepts mirrors its evolution. 

'The mind of the creator mirrors its creation.'

We encourage you to make the following preparations:

Spagyric Tinctures (basic and advanced)
Spagyric Essences
Spagyric Magistries
Spagyric Elixirs

Please read up on the following books available for free on the website here:

Educational Resources

We are looking to spark an alchemical revolution based on the sharing of knowledge and experience. This is the only way we can move forward together. Making potent alchemical medicines is the path to health and understanding the very bodies our consciousness occupies.

Join the alchemical revolution!

The Alchemy of Cannabis
Understanding the Cannabis Plant - Maximizing the Entourage Effect

The Constituents in Cannabis and Their Medicinal Effects
We will go over the different constituents present in the cannabis plant and talk about the medicinal values of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, chlorophyll and the minerals from the plants ash. Each of these compounds has been researched, although some of these compounds are largely under researched. 

Understanding the Entourage Effect
Each one of these compounds contributes to what is known as the 'entourage effect.' This effect has been documented only with full spectrum extracts of cannabis/hemp. The term was coined to describe the difference between the effects of isolated cannabinoids in comparison to multiple cannabinoids administered at once. The effect is further increased with the addition of the other constituents contained in the cannabis plant.

The Endocannabinoid System
The Endocannabinoid system is made up by many receptors that span across the whole body. There are CB1 and CB2 receptors and each one regulates different systems within the body. We will go over how these receptors are structured and what their interactions are with both, phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids.

Historical Use of Cannabis
The historical preparation and use of cannabis has been documented to ancient times. It is important to understand our ancestral ties to cannabis. Through understanding a more sacred and respected perspective of cannabis, we might find more information about how the cannabis plant helps heal the body. We will cover the different preparations and ceremonies used in ancient times to gain insight to what the ancients saw and used cannabis for.

Please bring a writing utensil and notebook to take notes. 

Laboratory Extraction Techniques 

$20 / Person. Please RSVP by paying online, only 25 spots available.

This will be a class focusing on the processes of soxhlet extraction, mineral extraction and mineral recrystallization.


Since there are many paths in spagyric preparation, we will go through the different methods found among alchemical extraction and purification of the three philosophical principals.

Soxhlet Extraction:

Basic concepts of soxhlet extraction systems and their use in advanced alcohol extraction. This yields the medicinal compounds found in plants also known as the 'sulphur' or 'soul' of the plant.

Mineral Extraction and Purification:

Basic concepts of burning and calcination for use in extracting the 'salt of salts' and 'salt of sulphur' from the extracted plant material. We will analyze the differences in techniques for these two different salt extractions. 

Please bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes.