About Evolved Alchemy

-Organic/Wildcrafted Herb from Natural Growing Regions
-All Products Spagyrically Processed
-100% Organic Cane Alcohol Extraction

Our mission is to provide the finest quality herbal extracts. In our efforts we source organic/wildcrafted herbs from areas where the herbs are found growing naturally. 

We think the energetic aspects of the plant are just as important as the chemical aspects. We like to make sure the herbs we source are grown with the sun, moon and stars and harvested with the seasons. 

Hemp Source: Botana (Paonia, CO - USA)

What's the Difference?

Warren Ji
CEO & Founder

My mission is to merge organic chemistry research with the ancient alchemical preparation of plants. It is one thing to separate different chemicals from a plant, while it is another thing entirely to recombine, react and stimulate the evolution of these extracts into more bio-available forms. In my eyes, this is the future of medicine.
— Warren Kistenbroker


Warren attended college both at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point studying Biochemistry and Philosophy and the Madison Area Technical College for Electrical Engineering. He aspires to apply his background in organic chemistry research and electrical engineering skills to the production, extraction and recombination of different plant chemicals.