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Welcome To Evolved Alchemy

Your hub for herbal
products, equipment,
& manufacturing

Evolved Alchemy started from the ground up.
We are dedicated to the continuous innovation
of both alchemical & modern-day chemistry.
by Combining our love for plants with a desire to
better understand their chemistry & application,
evolved alchemy was born.

We are undergoing an
EXPANSION. our websites are being developed!
tHANks for your support!


Extraction Equipment

Our extraction systems are built for the extraction of any herb, spice or fruit. These systems are meant for the creator, tinkerer, and the restless minds of herbalist chemists. For alchemists and people looking to understand plant chemistry more deeply. These systems are advanced and require a skilled background in distillation. User must understand fluid dynamics.


herbal products

Our complete line of herbal Tinctures & products made with organic cane alcohol and state of the art extraction equipment. Using a special method of extraction based on the alchemy of plants (aka Spagyrics) we create pure, potent and effective herbal tinctures. These can be added to drinks, or taken straight under the tongue. intended for daily herbal supplementation.