Herbal Extraction & Product Development Services

Unique Spagyric Extraction (Alcohol & Mineral Extract) 
5lb Minimum up to 30lb-100lb batches
Organically Grown Plant Material Only

Evolved Alchemy specializes in the extraction, purification and recombination of the oils and minerals found in plants. We combine two different types of extraction to harmonize and cultivate the true healing powers of the plant. 

Soxhlet Extraction with Organic Cane Alcohol
(Vitamins, Terpenes, Carbohydrates, Flavonoids, Alkaloids & Polyphenols)

Mineral Extraction of Calcined Plant Material with Distilled Water
(Extracts Potassium Mineral Salts & Other Trace Minerals from Plant Ash)

Together these two extractions are combined to complete the process. By mixing the purified minerals with the alcohol extract, the constituents react together and become more bio-available. This is done using only the chemicals found in the plant.

Why our process?

Our process does not introduce any hazardous chemicals, using only organic cane alcohol. Our technique also encompasses the whole plant increasing overall synergy, entourage effect, and effectiveness. We are a one of a kind extraction company with a one of a kind product. 

No other company adds the minerals of the plant ash back to the extract. This is an ancient way of recombining plants that led to the pharmaceutical age.

If you are looking to get the most out of your plant in terms of medicinal constituents, our process is the best method available.

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Hemp Extraction & Product Development

$150/lb typically with 5lb Minimums
We can process up to 200 lbs in a week
If your hemp is organically grown, we will consider taking 25% of the extract for payment

Bulk Orders
$1500/100 grams of Hemp Derived Cannabinoids
(Raw Extract is Typically 50% Total Cannabinoids)

Price Breakdown
$50/hour for Infusion, Dilution, Bottling and Labeling Services

Supplies for Product Development
Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil for dilutions at $80/gallon
$1.20/1 oz Bottle

In terms of Hemp Extraction, this process gets all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals along with other medicinal constituents in one run. This creates a true full spectrum extract.

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Healing with Hemp - Maximizing the Entourage Effect